Kiss New York Gel Strong Nail Polish

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  • KNP001 Topcoat
    KNP001 Topcoat
  • KNP002 Secret Pearl
    KNP002 Secret Pearl
  • KNP003 Sakura
    KNP003 Sakura
  • KNP004 Soft And Tender
    KNP004 Soft And Tender
  • KNP005 Sweet Angel
    KNP005 Sweet Angel
  • KNP006 Dorothy
    KNP006 Dorothy
  • KNP007 Pretty Woman
    KNP007 Pretty Woman
  • KNP008 Fantasia
    KNP008 Fantasia
  • KNP009 Call Me Nude
    KNP009 Call Me Nude
  • KNP010 Gold Mine
    KNP010 Gold Mine
  • KNP011 Antique
    KNP011 Antique
  • KNP012 Seduction
    KNP012 Seduction
  • KNP013 Bloody Lips
    KNP013 Bloody Lips
  • KNP014 Fatal Lure
    KNP014 Fatal Lure
  • KNP015 Vampire
    KNP015 Vampire
  • KNP016 Lemonade
    KNP016 Lemonade
  • KNP017 Sky High
    KNP017 Sky High
  • KNP018 Mermaid
    KNP018 Mermaid
  • KNP019 Stunning Blue
    KNP019 Stunning Blue
  • KNP021 Romantic Drea
    KNP021 Romantic Drea
  • KNP022 Touch Of Lila
    KNP022 Touch Of Lila
  • KNP023 Hot Mama
    KNP023 Hot Mama
  • KNP024 First Kiss
    KNP024 First Kiss
  • KNP025 Secret Garden
    KNP025 Secret Garden
  • KNP026 St. Patrick's
    KNP026 St. Patrick's
  • KNP027 Champagne
    KNP027 Champagne
  • KNP028 Pink Diamond
    KNP028 Pink Diamond
  • KNP029 Illusion
    KNP029 Illusion
  • KNP031 Mystery Ocean
    KNP031 Mystery Ocean
  • KNP032 French White
    KNP032 French White
  • KNP033 Black Hole
    KNP033 Black Hole
  • KNP034 Masterpiece
    KNP034 Masterpiece

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New gel strong nail polish doesn't need UV/LED lamp and it dries like regular polish. Available in 32 different shades that gives luminous and high shine! It will last up to 14 days with vibrant and intense colors, including True Neon. It's also chip free. soak removal free and less damage on nails. Get yours today at Divatress! 

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