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As I Am Coils & Curls Care Package

As I Am Coils & Curls Care Package
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A wonderful collection of products, formulated with an impressive assortment of nature's finest organic ingredients. Experience the superb performance of As I Am with the economical starter set. Care Package includes 6 Amazing products 3 oz of Each: Curl Clarity - Clarifying Shampoo Gently removes product build up and excess oils from hair and scalp. Cleansing Pudding Creamy foaming moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses hair plus contains ingredients to remove scalp flakes and excess oils from the scalp. Also contains natural ingredients that help retard hair thinning. Smoothing Gel No alcohol, non-flaking. Provides a soft hold, lots of shine and smoothness to areas along the hairline, nape and anywhere you desire a sleek hold. Moisture Milk - Daily Hair Revitalizer Contains some of nature's best emollients. Shines, softens, hydrates and makes hair more pliable for enhanced manageability. Cocoshea Spray - Moisturizer Via the wonders of submicron technology, a blend of coconut oil and shea butter can now be sprayed on. Nourishes, softens hydrates and boosts shine.

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