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Ruby Kisses Nail Polish High Shine & Coverage

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  • RNPN01 Top Coat
  • RNPN02 Aqua Top Coat
  • RNPN03 Base Coat
  • RNPN04 French White
  • RNPN05 Vanilla Frosting
  • RNPN06 Batman Black
  • RNPN07 Night At Hollywood
  • RNPN08 Jackpot
  • RNPN09 Ruby Stars
  • RNPN10 Mirror Ball
  • RNPN11 Sapphire Dust
  • RNPN12 Seduction Night Purple
  • RNPN13 Bloody Lips
  • RNPN14 Fruitty Jelly
  • RNPN15 Orange Sparkle
  • RNPN16 Appricot Candy
  • RNPN17 All Nighter Yellow
  • RNPN18 Tinkerbell Green
  • RNPN19 Envy Me Green
  • RNPN20 Sour Apple
  • RNPN21 Mermaid Blue
  • RNPN22 Frosty Sky Blue
  • RNPN23 Twilight Blue
  • RNPN24 Sweet Plum
  • RNPN25 Sexy Scarlet
  • RNPN26 Dancing Flamingo
  • RNPN27 Bubble Pop Pink
  • RNPN28 Electric Orange
  • RNPN29 Mystery Pumpkin
  • RNPN30 Banana Smoothie
  • RNPN31 Tennis Ball
  • RNPN32 Clover Field
  • RNPN33 Birch Green
  • RNPN34 Caribbean Blue
  • RNPN35 Smurfette Blue
  • RNPN36 Blue My Mind
  • RNPN37 New Year's Eve
  • RNPN38 Be My Valentine
  • RNPN39 Super Star Purple
  • RNPN40 Futuristic Silver
  • RNPN41 Catwoman
  • RNPN42 Pearl White
  • RNPN43 Blue Sea Dragon
  • RNPN44 Purple Fever
  • RNPN45 Pink Blinged Out
  • RNPN46 Fan Dance Pink
  • RNPN47 Pearl Ivory
  • RNPN48 Satin Brown
  • RNPN49 Ballerina Pink
  • RNPN50 Lovely Berry
  • RNPN51 Petit Cochon Pink
  • RNPN52 Shy Lavender
  • RNPN53 Pajama Party Pink
  • RNPN54 Bad Girl Red
  • RNPN55 Pink Flirts Red
  • RNPN56 Lonely Red
  • RNPN57 Metalic Rose
  • RNPN58 Espresso Dream
  • RNPN59 Millionaire Gold
  • RNPN60 Milky Way

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Product Type: N/A
Hair Fiber: N/A
Hair Pattern: N/A
Hair Texture: N/A
Hair Length: N/A
Lace Type: N/A
Lace Color: N/A
Part Type: N/A
Parting Space: N/A
Combs: N/A
Adjustable Straps: N/A
Elastic Band: N/A
Drawstring: N/A
Baby Hair: N/A
Heat Resistant: N/A
Dye/Bleach/Perm: N/A

* 60 shades for around the clock color & shine


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