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Satin Bonnets & Scarves

Divatress wants you to look fabulous at all times so we have a great selection of satin scarves, head covers and bonnets to help you. Shop Divatress today!
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32 Item(s)

32 Item(s)

You already know what we’re about – we love making you look as fabulous as possible with our wigs, weaves, and natural hair selections. But we know that’s not where it ends for you. We love making sure that when you aren’t using our products, you’re still at your most comfortable and you’re able to take proper care of our pieces. At Divatress, we have a fine offering of satin scarves and bonnets. Our sleep caps and pillow covers are also a nice way to end your day and keep your head looking fabulous. Be sure to take a look through all of our satin head products and many other beauty products at Divatress, today!