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How To Put On A Wig

By Divatress October 18, 2018 No comments

How To Put On A Wig - Woman Wearing Wig ...

Divatress Diva of the Month - September

By Divatress September 7, 2018 1 comment

Mo G - Hair Braider Extraordinaire

Each month Divatress will feature a “Divatress Diva of the Month” to showcase the strong, powerful, and innovative women surrounding the industry! Divatress has chosen stylist Mo G as September’s Diva of the month.

Many people may think of braids as casual, temporary or maybe something done by a friend when you’re bored. But to Mo G, it’s a fine art. Mo G has taken braids to the next level with some of the most creative styles we’ve ever seen and this is why she's now...

​The Diva’s Guide to Wig Buying

By Divatress August 6, 2018 No comments

So many wonderful wigs at Divatress - so little time to try them all! They have a huge selection of the best quality and all of the latest wigs styles available online. How can you narrow down your choices to the ones that will be just right for you? Here are a few helpful tips to help bring out your inner Diva.

Cut, Color and Style

Motown Tress Deep Lace Part Wig - Zoe

To find the perfect wig, you need to know your...

Crochet Braids 101 – Prep, Install, & Maintenance

By Alicia Gettys April 19, 2018 No comments

Crochet Braids 101 – Prep, Install, & Maintenance

Crochet braids have become the go to protective style the last 5 years. Not only is it easy to install, but with the variety of hair options, it is easy to change one’s hairstyle month after month. My personal love for crochet braids came during my transition process. I didn’t big chop but rather chose to transition and gradually cut off my permed hair. Because crochet braids can be completed in less than 3 hours and are often inexpensive my transition routine involved wearing crochet braids for 1 month, take down and cut about 1 inch of permed hair, and re-install for another month. I did that for about 7-8 months while I was transitioned and learned many things about not only crochet installation and maintenance but protective styles in general.

1. It’s important to prep your natural tresses before installing any extensions

The main purpose of a protective...

All About Crochet Braids

By Divatress February 23, 2018 No comments

Crochet braiding is a technique of installing real or synthetic hair to create a new hairstyle. Cornrow braids are put in your natural hair, then you use them as a base to tie in new hair. It most often is done using a crochet needle, hence the name. The hair is looped, then passed under the cornrows, then the ends of the hair are passed through the loop and tied. The end result can be long or short, curly or straight, or even braided.

They are convenient and great looking. You can do with braids what you may not be able to do with your own hair. It can give you length and strength. Here are a few reasons they may be just what you need for an extraordinary new style.

Types of Crochet Braids

Most crochet braids come as bundles of hair that have not been braided. You can get Pre-twisted premade braids that use the convenient crochet method, which is easier than some other installation methods. Some come pre-looped, either with a preformed loop of hair or...

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles

By Lexi Chantel February 6, 2018 No comments

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing well. My name is Lexi, and I’m a college fashion and lifestyle blogger. In addition to those two topics, I also have knowledge in hair. I’ve had natural hair for the past four years of my life, and I’ve loved every bit of my hair journey. My hair type is 4c, which means it’s extremely kinky, the curls are small and tight, and my hair has A LOT of trouble holding in moisture. I know a lot of other women, natural or not, struggle with the same problem, especially during this time of year when the weather is crisp, dry, and cold. When winter rolls around, my first instinct is to get a protective style. A protective style is exactly what the name says it is! It’s a certain hairstyle that protects your hair, especially your ends. Whether it be a sew-in weave, a faux ponytail, two-strand twists, or faux locs, these styles give your hair a much-needed break to rejuvenate. Out of the hundreds of protective styles that exist in the world, my...