12 Top Crochet Braid Styles That You Need To Try

Crotchet braid styles have retained the most sought after spot in trendy hairstyles (alongside weaves) for reasons that are not far-fetched - they're affordable, reusable, classy and easy to install and maintain.

Who says you've to spend 12 hours in the salon trying to get your braids done when you can have your cake and eat it? Well, Detty December is here and amidst the rave of all the realities 2020 presented us with, here's a list of 12 amazing crochet braid styles you should totally rock this holiday.

1. Sensationnel Lulutress 4C Whirly

Did I hear someone say savvy rock star? Because Sensationnel Lulutress braids is ultimately one of those top tier crochet braid styles in its category. The most intriguing thing about this particularly braid style is that it is styled to suit any and every occasion - formal, casual, semi-formal - you name it.

While crochet braid styles are typically thought of as affordable, the Sensationnel Lulutress crotchet braids raises the bar even higher. Though synthetic, it has a soft textured, natural looking, firm and long lasting curl patterns.

It is pre-looped, easy to style, install and maintain and is available in short lengths. Plus, I totally love the fact that there's a variety of colors to select from. There are different shades of black and brown, there's blonde and also the variety of mixed colors amongst others.

2. Freetress Synthetic Nikki Locs

My favorite thing about Nikki locs is the fact that it gets better and looks more natural with time. Because of its wavy pattern, you have your crotchet braids looking full and beautiful. Nikki locs gives room for different installation choices, either as individual braids (which is usually my go-to option since it lasts longer and gives room for more styling options) or on cornrows.

It is made from synthetic fiber and is individually pre-looped. It is available in 18 inches - long enough to suit various styling options and also moderate for ladies who do not fancy very long braids due to work.

Its texture is not as soft as the Sensationnel lulutress but that barely gives room for worry. Each pack comes with a latch and hook and contains about 33 strands. This makes about 2 to 3 packs enough for a full head depending on your volume preference.

3. Freetress Synthetic 3X Soulfull Curl

Freetress synthetic soulfull curl breathtakingly offers volume and length in a single sweep. It is no mistake that it gets to be in the natural volume collection. It has a bouncy wavy pattern with large curls which makes it a suitable fit for a corporate day at work and even more, an effortless enhancement of your look for the weekend house party.

Its 20-inch length also gives you the opportunity to trim as much as you want and style in various ways. Plus, you easily get to pack up, wear a bonnet and have a good sleep. It is available in a variety of colors, with each pack containing three bundles and a crotchet and latch hook.

4. Bobbi Boss Synthetic Brazilian Beach Wave

Bobbi Boss synthetic Brazilian beach wave effortlessly falls into the celebrity-level long lasting curls. Its style and elegance is fascinating and is well complemented by its texture. It is made out of quality synthetic fiber and has a silky natural texture.

The bobbi boss beach wave has a premium hi-heat and flame retardant fiber that makes it heat resistant. It also has a safe heat styling and an excellent hot water setting. The braids are short in length and come in a variety of colors.

5. Mane Concept Afri-Naptural Jumbo Nomadik Twist

Jumbo Nomadik Twists are one of my go-to crotchet braid styles for holidays and vacations. The opportunity it presents to explore any of its seven stylish colors with its complementary 20-inch length is enthralling. 

It exudes the appearance of passion twists with curls at the end of them. Each pack contains about 16 strands of pre-twisted, pre-layered, pre-stretched and pre-feathered braids. It is lightweight and has great styling options. It can also be installed as individual braids or done on cornrows.

6. Mane Concept Afri-Naptural Boho Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are the life of the party, but boho goddess locs? That's style, glam and perfection in a single piece. The curls of the boho goddess locs accentuate and recreate the look of the elegant bohemian chic. 

Each pack contains 30 pre-looped and pre-stretched strands - 10 top, 10 middle and 10 nape strands. Boho goddess locs are a great choice for fans of individual crotchet braid styles who are particular about length and volume. It is made out of synthetic fiber and does not resist heat. Its lightweight, curly pattern and slight texture makes it an outstanding protective style.

7. FreeTress Synthetic Boho Kinky Jr.

If there's any crotchet braidstyle you can twin with your baby girl, this is the one. Freetress Boho Kinky Junior is exclusively made of synthetic fiber and has a silky texture that gives it the touch and feel of human hair.

It is smooth, bouncy, full and has a curly hair pattern. It is available in almost 12 different colours and of medium length. Every pack contains a crotchet hatch and hook and two packs are enough to conveniently make a full head.

8. Bobbi Boss Synthetic Nu Locs French Deep Boho Style

Beyond doubts, I'm completely convinced that the Bobbi boss Nu locs French deep boho braidstyle is a crotchet braidstyle made in heaven. Its elegance is a hundred and one percent and is signature look worthy.

In one split second, this braid style painlessly transforms any lady from regular to the belle of the ball. Its natural curl-to-locs transition is jaw dropping. How about its deep curl patterns? Detailed and very attractive.

This crotchet interlocking individually handcrafted braid style is heat resistant thanks to its flame retardance and excellent hot water setting. It is lightweight and has a soft slight texture. It is available in about ten colors including purple, green and brown. The braids are 20 inches in length and pre-looped.

9. Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wavy Senegal Twist Curly Tips

If you're a big fan of Senegalese twists, you'll love this particular wavy Senegal twist even more. It is a premium synthetic crotchet braid style straight out of the African roots braid collection. Its combined natural texture and masterful color blend makes it an authentic natural hair style.

It is available in medium lengths - 14 and 18 inches, and nine different colors including blonde and brown. Personally, I love how the 18 inch twist is long enough to do justice to the details of twist and curl patterns. Each pack contains 24 pre-looped crotchet interlocking strands. The individual braids are really light weight and suitable for hot water setting.

10. Sensationnel Lulutress Synthetic Pre-Looped Passion Locs

Locs are an absolute delight but passion locs? I can literally spend all of my money on them like it's some charity work. I dare say that this crotchet braid style gives you great value for your money - it is as charming as it is beautiful.

Like all of the other crotchet braid styles I've mentioned, it is made of synthetic fiber. It has a slight texture and is about 20 inches long. It has a curly pattern with each pack containing 24 pre-looped strands.

11. Janet Collection Nala Tress Synthetic Spring Twists

Divas, say hello to bomb twists! Let's share a secret. If you're stuck on making a decision on whether to go for locs or twists, then the Janet collection Nala tress spring twists is your soon to be BFF! They give off a sort of twisted loc appearance and are the perfect boho look option for winter protective styles.

The Nala Tress spring twists is of synthetic fiber has a slight texture and is of medium length. Though not heat resistant, like many other crotchet braidstyles, it is easily and quickly styled and is not difficult to maintain.

12. Bobbi Boss Synthetic Passion Twist Boho Style

Finally ladies, we round up this list with the creme de la creme - the choicest and prized passion twist boho. I may have referred to almost all of the braidstyles in this list as elegant and stylish, and although this is the last of the list, it is just as lovely if not more.

The aesthetic look of this crotchet braid style makes it a bold combination of magic and beauty. Its natural texture makes it a great simulation of an authentic natural hair style. It is available in medium length 14 and 18 inches and extra-long 24 inches for the style divas.

Each pack contains 30 slightly textured pre-looped crotchet interlocking strands. With its excellent water setting and masterful color blend, the passion twist boho is an awesome vacation braid style.

In order to save you the stress of walking through several shopping malls and stores in search of these crotchet braid styles, there are a couple of websites that offer a wide range of crotchet braid styles to choose from.

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