Divatress Diva of the Month - September


Each month Divatress will feature a “Divatress Diva of the Month” to showcase the strong, powerful, and innovative women surrounding the industry! Divatress has chosen stylist Mo G as September’s Diva of the month.

Many people may think of braids as casual, temporary or maybe something done by a friend when you’re bored. But to Mo G, it’s a fine art. Mo G has taken braids to the next level with some of the most creative styles we’ve ever seen and this is why she's now one of the hottest young braiders in Chicago. Working with big names like Jamila Woods and Tynese, Mo G’s work has gotten international recognition over the past few years. Luckily, she found a little time to sit down with Divatress to talk one on one about her and the masterful braids she creates.


Divatress Diva of the Month - September 2018

Mo G has always has always been fond of braiding hair. When she was 10 years old, she had her first client. She developed a serious passion after working on several more heads. Now, her fire to create beautiful braids is stronger than ever.

Braiding hair is hard work, doing hair took over everything in my life. But over time you get to see people faces when the hair is done. The joy it brings them is immeasurable. Being able to think up a style that suits them and bring it into reality is what brings me joy and seeing their face when it is all done makes it worth it.

Her life’s work is underscored with a common theme: hard work. It takes a lot to be a diva. Her advice for aspiring braiders is to be persistent and to do all that you can to “be in the level you want to be in.”

One thing Mo G loves about her work is the practicality:

The special thing about braiding hair, is black hair can be very time consuming to properly care for and style. To have braids, it can last up to three months. They age like wine, you don’t need to worry about it, it can look nice and presentable from the moment you wake up. Braids can be a lifesaver for the on-the-go personality.

There you have it! Mo G has just given you permission to throw out your comb, hairspray, and curlers -- just hit her up for some box braids!

There’s a catch though: you probably won’t find a hairstylist more in-demand than Mo G. She takes appointments on a monthly basis and all her slots often fill up in less than 15 minutes. But if you’re lucky, she might be able to squeeze you in next to Jamila Woods.

Always working and always innovative, she takes the latest trends and styles that her millennial peers are wearing and then proceeds to MoG-nize them. These days, she’s particularly enamored by creative braids -- or unorthodox, innovative braids. Mo G says “a combo of cornrows and box braids” is her favorite style at the moment.

Mo G believes in a distinct future for hair braids. Her vision is that the professional corporate world will accept braids as work suitable and also classy.

Divatress Diva of the Month - September 2018 Image 2

She’s building a future of beautiful braids day by day. We at Divatress are inspired by her incredible work ethic and art like hair designs. Mo G’s can-do attitude and relentless love for her work is what brought her to the top of the list of braiders today.

I am most proud of following my passion and believing in myself. I started to value myself and my career started to take off. I quit my job; I had to learn to how to do hair full time. I love it! I haven’t set an alarm clock in over two years.

I have no regrets, because I learned how to take away the security blanket. Also being a mentor to girls who aspire to do hair. It is a vulnerable situation when clients are getting their hair done. Their trust means a lot.

We had one last question for our Diva of the Month, Mo G. What does it mean to be a Diva?

“Queen” A Diva is a queen, who knows what she wants, works hard and maintains beauty and elegance.

Check out Mo G's Instagram page to see more of her fabulous ‘dos.

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