Top 10 Favorite Crotchet Hair Styles

I love crotchet braids and almost can't seem to get enough of it. I mean, from the braids to the weaves, I'm in awe of the different beautiful styles that are emerging. Crotchet doesn't accurately refer to a particular hairstyle; it’s just how you make it. Like you have weaving, which has a variety of hairstyles, so does crotchet. 

Besides, our all so favorite crotchet hair didn't just emerge; they were pretty popular in the 90s, but then, the styles we have now are different from the way they used to be. 

Crotchet braids offer a variety of benefits ranging from protecting the hair to the low cost of maintenance and what have you. While you can have your crotchet sewn in like a weave, you can also have them attached to your hair in individual braids. With crotchet braids or weaves, there is almost no pressure on your hair, thereby allowing you to begin styling it as early as when done.

More so, crotchet also offers the best kinds of braids for natural hair, and your hairdo tends to last long. Who says you can't rock braids because you're stuck with keeping and maintaining a natural hair? Come on; let's look at our top 10 favorite crotchet hairstyles for this winter.

  1.  Nomadik Twist Braids.

Janet Collection Nomadik Twist Braid

The Nomadik twist is one of our favorite synthetic crotchet twists that don't twist! Okay, hold up I'm not trying to get you confused. The Nomadik twist is a stylish synthetic crotchet style that's a break from your regular twist. It is styled in a way that leaves you with little or no worry about it loosening quickly or getting twisted, making it very durable in addition to being stylish. For our natural look freaks, the Nomadik twist braid is your go-to crotchet, looks naturally beautiful, and it's lightweight, of course. Trust me when I say that Nomadik twists are something you will love. Just like your regular crotchet hair, they're pretty much easy to install and have a wide range of styling. They also come in varying lengths and colors, depending on your preference.


  1. Messy box braids.

Janet Collection Messy Box Braid

We can't help loving box braids because they're pretty, fun, and funky. Braids are that kind of hairstyle that makes you feel like a celebrity. From Beyonce to Alicia Keys and every one of your favorite stars, braids seem to be their go-to guy. It's almost impossible for you to go wrong with braids with the whole range of styles you can get from it, but then there's the issue of worrying about headache and flakes on your scalp as a result of tight braids. But who says you can't have it all? Here's Messy box braids to the rescue! It takes away the pain of having to sit for long hours to get your box braids done. You also don’t have to get worried about so many headaches and all of that. Messy box braids offer you your box braids style plus a wavy finish. So not your regular kind of braid, yeah? What’s more, there's a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths for you to choose from.


  1. Nubian spring twist.

Mane Concept Nubian Spring Twist

The Nubian spring twist offers you two amazing hairstyles in one collection. The magic to it is effortless. When you fluff or twist out, you obtain a spring twist. The original twist you're getting is a Nubian twist. Again, the Nubian spring twist is also a fantastic crotchet style that gives you the feel of a natural hair. Since the Nubian spring twist is synthetic, it almost doesn't feel like it. It is soft and silky, nearly smooth to touch. It is quite easy to maintain and tends to retain its shape for a long time. It can be twisted out and cut to look like an afro too. Sounds too good to be true? This trend is a bang for the short hair lovers cause your look is about to pop!


  1. Boho Senegal Twist.

Mane Concept Boho Senegal Twist

The Boho Senegal Twist is somewhat close to the messy box braids, but then the Boho Senegal Twist comes in twists with a more curly finish. It comes in a long variety, and it's synthetic, just like your Messy box braids. Again, you have an opportunity to get away with a fantastic look (plus such hair length) without having to sit in a spot all day long. Like your regular crotchet, it's a do-it-yourself (what is generally called DIY) as long as you can make your cornrows and have gotten the crotchet installation thing figured out. It has a soft natural texture (that is to say, another of your natural crotchet hairstyles), and it's lightweight. It stays in shape for a long time and is one of those recommendations I'll give as a crotchet hairstyle for females with round faces.


  1. Grande Nomadik Twist.

Mane Concept Grande Nomadik Twist

The Grande Nomadik twist is everything. For people who are lovers of twists and natural-looking crotchet hairstyles, this is a fantastic choice. For one, it gives you a break from your regular twists, and you still get to rock your twists in style. What's more? It has natural curly ends, and it's thicker than the regular Nomadik twist. Grande Nomadik twists are rod coiled spring twists. Yeah, they look like your twist outs but are much thicker and funkier. The hair length is a balance between long and short hairs (chuckles). What I mean is that it's of medium length, and is it a must-have? Absolutely!


  1. Passion Twist Braids.

Janet Collection Passion Twist Braid

Naturalistas!!!! Where are you? Here is that hairstyle you should plan to get for that dinner date because is it beautiful? Definitely. The curls are lovely and look natural. Like braids, it has the styling advantage, and it's also great with the texture. I so much love ladies that look good, but maybe not half as much as I did love a lady rocking the passion twist in style. Yes, just like its name, I am passionate about this natural crotchet hairstyle.


  1. Wavy Goddess Locs.

FreeTress Goddess Loc

OMG! It gets hotter! Faux locs are amazing. You know, the feel of having to wear locs without really going through all that hair locking process- surreal! It's just amazing. Guess what? Faux locs are getting trendier with the emergence of wavy Goddess Locs. The Goddess in you is definitely about to get unraveled. Wavy Goddess locs are good textured with a natural curly finish. Instead of your regular locs, you have something wavy, and you know how beautiful body waves look, right? Your premium wavy Goddess locs have a curly crotchet braid pattern, and though synthetic, it still passes for soft hair.


  1. Island Twist Braids.

FreeTress Island Twist Braid

Here is that crotchet braid style that is about to make you the envy of your friends. For synthetic hair, it has a pretty much soft texture. The natural curls last long and will not tangle if appropriately maintained. They are generally thick, luscious, full and made from fibers of exceptional quality that are heat safe to a certain degree. They can be braided, made into a big ponytail, or worn down to show off  its wavy pattern.


  1. Jamaican Jumbo Twist.

FreeTress Jamaican Jumbo Twist

Here is the ultimate choice for lovers of classy braids. You don't always get classy and sassy in one piece, but the Jamaican Jumbo Twist is about to leave you in awe. Another advantage, you can rock them twist out or the usual jumbo style. Like many other crotchet hairstyles, there's a variety of colors to pick from.


  1. Bomb Twist.

Sensationnel Lulutress 3X Bomb Twist

We may have gotten to the end of our list, but this is not the least of them. Bomb twist is that statement crotchet hair that's suitable for all ages, given that it is soft, light, and breathable. With bomb twist, your hair gets to wear a natural look with the advantage of style versatility. You can get away with maintaining a super cute natural-looking braid style without going through the process of keeping your hair natural.


This winter is about to get so fire with these ten super amazing hairstyles we've been able to select from the very many crotchet hairstyles we have available. What's more? You can look good without having to break the bank. All of our favorite crotchet hairstyles are affordable, reusable, and easy to maintain. Find all these wonderful crochet styles right here at Divatress!