Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing well. My name is Lexi, and I’m a college fashion and lifestyle blogger. In addition to those two topics, I also have knowledge in hair. I’ve had natural hair for the past four years of my life, and I’ve loved every bit of my hair journey. My hair type is 4c, which means it’s extremely kinky, the curls are small and tight, and my hair has A LOT of trouble holding in moisture. I know a lot of other women, natural or not, struggle with the same problem, especially during this time of year when the weather is crisp, dry, and cold. When winter rolls around, my first instinct is to get a protective style. A protective style is exactly what the name says it is! It’s a certain hairstyle that protects your hair, especially your ends. Whether it be a sew-in weave, a faux ponytail, two-strand twists, or faux locs, these styles give your hair a much-needed break to rejuvenate. Out of the hundreds of protective styles that exist in the world, my personal, all-time favorite, is crochet braids!

Crochet braids are pieces of hair, usually synthetic, that are pre-looped at the base. These pieces of hair are then inserted into cornrows on the client’s scalp with the use of a crochet hook! This protective style can be done with straight hair, curly hair, braids, twists, locs, and more. My preferred form of crochet braids, and the one I get the most often are twists. These twists are perfect for me because I’m a college student who loves sleeping in. The less time I spend in the morning on my hair, the more time I get to spend in bed! Another great thing about crochet twists is that they are extremely versatile, and can be worn in a number of ways which is great for someone like me who gets a little bored with repetitive hairstyles. If you’re thinking about getting crochet twists, but still feel a little hesitant, don’t worry. I’m here to show you multiple hairstyles you can do with crochet twists, and hopefully confirm your choice to get this style! Let’s get into it:

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles Image 1

This is the hairstyle I do the most with my crochet twists! A half-up, half-down hairstyle gives me the freedom of having my hair out of my face while still being able to frame my face. This hairstyle can be achieved by taking a portion of your hair and putting it into a ponytail on the top of your head using a tight ponytail holder. Split the ponytail in the middle and pair with hoop earrings for a more 90’s look!

2. Side Part

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles Image 2

A side part is my second, most frequent hairstyle when it comes to crochet twists. This hairstyle is amazing if you’re looking for even MORE volume in your hair. I usually part my crochet twists to the right side of my head, because my right side is my dominant side. Sometimes, though, the crochet twists will fall, so make sure to use hairpins to secure the twists to the side of your choice!

3. Wearing a Hat

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles Image 3

Because I have natural, 4c hair it’s difficult for me to wear baseball caps or dad hats like those from Adidas, Nike, or my college logo. My low puff is too big to fit through the hole in the back of the hat. This is really inconvenient for me, especially as a student. What I love about crochet twists, is that I get the opportunity to wear my hats again, which definitely comes in handy on those days where I have class at 9:00AM and decide to wake up at 8:45AM. Dad hats and baseball caps are also very trendy right now in this day and age. They can be worn with many different aesthetics, are great for traveling, and can be the accessory that ties the whole outfit together!

4. High Bun

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles Image 4

This hairstyle can be a little difficult to achieve at first. Despite the weightless feeling of synthetic hair, having a lot of it on your head in the form of braids can be a bit heavy. Of course, this happens when a lot of people get braids or twists that aren’t crochet as well because the head has to get used to the extra weight. To get my crochet twists (or regular twists for that matter) in a high bun, I have to use a very stretch headband. I turn my head upside down, gather my twists in my right hand, and loop the headband around them twice to create a bun. After that, I wrap the loose ends sticking out around my bun and tuck them in for extra security and stability. This look can create a dull outfit into something more interesting and is a substitute for the “messy bun” that is so popular right now. Also, this hairstyle is amazing with a headscarf around it!

5. Low Bun

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles Image 5

I just started wearing low buns with my crochet twists around the fall of 2017. I already struggled to get my hair into a high bun, so I was discouraged to try a low bun, however, I love the simple, fresh look a low bun gives to an outfit. I was able to achieve this look on my FIRST try. A headband needs to be used as the ponytail holder. Instead of turning your head upside down like the high bun, just put all your hair behind you, grab it all with your dominant hand, and wrap the headband around it twice. At the end, wrap around the loose strands/ends and tuck them into the ponytail holder. I also tug at the front part of my hair a bit to give a more loose bun look, instead of it being tight.

6. Half-Up Bun, Half-Down

Versatile Crochet Twist Hairstyles Image 6

This style is all too popular in the world of natural hair, braids, locs, and twists. I wasn’t a fan of this look for a long time until I tried it myself. After that, I fell in love with it. I honestly can’t give you a reason why it looks so good, it just does. This hairstyle goes really well with dressy outfits and party looks. If you currently have any type of crochet braids or just braids/twists in general, and you have no idea what to do with your hair for a party or a night out, try this look. I promise it’s a lifesaver. It can be achieved just like the half-up, half-down ponytail, only instead you’ll put that portion into a small bun. With this hairstyle, a regular ponytail holder is better because it makes your top bun more secure. Wrap the loose ends around the bun as well for a neater look!

Crochet Braid Inspiration

If you were on the fence about getting a crochet hairstyle or bored with your current crochet look, I hope this post gave you some inspiration. These versatile hairstyles I provided can be replicated using any type of crochet hair including locs, braids, straight hair, and curly hair. Divatress has a great selection of crochet hair products, so since you’re already here reading this post, definitely check out what they have; you won’t be disappointed. Thank you all for reading!

Love, Lexi.