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Box Braids

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If you have been thinking about updating your style, you know that you want to do it as painlessly as possible. When you are thinking about and researching how you want your new style to look, it is a great idea to consider what box braids can do for your personal style. This look derived its name from the square shaped, or boxy, hair divisions that make up the look. While traditional African braids have always been a staple style, their boxy counterparts gained prominence throughout the 1990’s as women looked to expand their style in creative new directions. Today, these braids are used as protective styles, that are for the benefit of your natural look. They can also be relatively low maintenance. For women that do not want to constantly be working to uphold their look, these are the braids that you need. In fact, with the proper care, you can have a style that lasts months. There are few things to keep in mind when wearing braid styles. Box braid styles can come in varying lengths. Some styles can reach all the way down to your waist, while others can be tossed over your shoulder. You can wear them in a natural black color, but many women prefer to wear fun colors, like pink or purple, or add highlights to own their style. Many add beads for a look unique only to them. No matter what you decide with styling, your imagination is going to be key. You can create an elegant look that celebrates culture and history, or simply opt for the hottest braid style today. The sky is the limit! Many of these styles are created with synthetic fibers that are heat safe and easy to care for. You can even find pre-braided pieces that you can crochet straight out of the box. You can wave goodbye to spending hours in the braid shop and style yourself in a fraction of that time. No two women are created the same, so why should their braid styles be? Step out of your style rut and start wearing box braids that celebrate the woman that you are.