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Faux Locs & Loc Braids

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Finding a look that you are going to love should not have to be difficult. WIth so many styles to wear, it may be hard to determine which one best fits you. That all should change though when you begin to wear locs. Faux locs especially have started to gain traction in the beauty industry as a viable style that you can wear in any social or professional setting. A faux style is beneficial for a variety of reasons. First, these locs are perfect for the woman that wants to give her natural hair a break. Often, hair is heat styled or treated with chemicals. While that creates the desired look, it can often wear down and damage your hair. These locs work as a protective style. Allowing your natural fibers to recover and repair themselves without you having to sacrifice any of the style options that you want. Protecting your natural hair is important for anyone and needs to be a priority for anyone serious about style. A faux style is also great for the woman that wants to have locs, but is unsure of how they will look. Instead of taking the time to grow your natural hair out and then braid it, start with a few faux styles and see how you like it. There are a few ways to achieve this look. An easy method is to install premade locs with a crochet method. You can install them individually. No matter which method you prefer, it will give you a glimpse of how you would look when having a braided style. These locs are created with a few different fibers. Depending on what style you go with, you can expect these locs to be made with either human hair, yarn or some type of synthetic fiber. You will want to do your research to find which fiber type you want. Faux styles are often lightweight and easy to maintain. While this is beneficial for faux styles, if you are planning on naturally growing out your hair for locs and braids, be aware that more maintenance will be required. No matter why you are wearing them, faux locs and loc braids can be a good decision for you.