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Twist Braids

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42 Item(s)

Twist your existing look into something new entirely when you take home a selection from the Twist Braids section of Divatress. Styles change for a reason, no matter why you decided to move on, these braids are going to work well for you. You will see that they are perfect to wear for virtually any social situation. Whether you need a professional look for the office, or a show stopping style for a night out, you are going to find what you need. While these braids often offer incredible looks, the first thing that many women notice is that they are great to wear if you are looking for a protective style. When it comes to style, many women start to see the effects of heat and chemicals. If you want to take a step back and restore your hair, then these braids are a great option to consider. It may take a little planning, but if you are serious about protecting your natural hair, the planning will be worth it! Twists allow you to extend your style from your natural hair. This will let you add length and volume to your look in no time at all. If you want to go extra long, you can find twists that reach all the way down to your waist. If you want to keep it shorter, there are twists that only reach your shoulder. Once you decide your length, you will be able to create a style that you like. Senegalese Twists are extremely popular and may be a style that you can wear. This style of twists are very versatile and let you experiment with different looks when you want. With the proper amount of maintenance, you will be able to wear the same set of braids for a long time. We all know someone who wants to change their style, but does not want to take action. Do not let that be you, make the most out of your style when you begin to wear twists. You are going to be the talk of any room that you walk in while wearing these.