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Lace wigs are not all created equal. Many lace wig wearers have complained about cheap and stiff lace being used in many lace wigs and lace front wigs. This stiff lace can cause discomfort and even skin irritations. Here, you'll find the newest and hottest Swiss lace wigs and Swiss lace front wigs styles. Swiss Lace is recognized as the best quality of lace used to make lace wigs. This is because Swiss Lace is much softer than the normal lace that is used. Also, Swiss Lace is thinner which helps make it harder to detect and can look even more realistic because of this. On the flip side, it can be slightly more fragile because of the thinness and is also a bit more expensive. Many people ask, 'Is buying a Swiss Lace Wig worth it?' We say 'Yes!', especially with the costs of Swiss Lace Wigs becoming more affordable. If you do have the issues of discomfort or skin irritations from normal lace, then Swiss Lace Front Wigs is a great choice. Find great deals on Swiss Lace Wigs by Vivica Fox Wigs, Zury, It's A Wig!, Isis Collection and Outre. Shop our great selection Swiss Lace Wig styles at Divatress today!