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Wavy and curly synthetic lace front wigs are pieces that are created with synthetic fibers that are tied on to a lace front. If you are unfamiliar with synthetic fibers, there are quite a few benefits that they have which make them an attractive choice, not only to create a wig with, but for you to purchase as well. When it comes to synthetic wigs, most people love the fact that there is not much that needs to be done when it comes to actually styling the piece. Synthetic fibers are not as easy to work with as human hair, but this only means that you will have a style that you can wear straight out of the box. With synthetic fibers, the daily upkeep and maintenance is much less than actual human hair. This does not mean that there is no self-care involved, but it pales in comparison to human hair. A note of caution though, while synthetic fibers require less upkeep than human hair, they do not last as long. Once these fibers begin matting, then you know it is time for you to move onto a new look. If you follow the instructions and demonstrate proper care though, a synthetic piece can last you for a few months before you have to go out and replace it. Generally, these synthetic pieces are also cheaper than human hair wigs, allowing you to purchase them as you need. The second half of these wigs is the lace front. The lace front portion covers the front half of your head. This allows you to choose your hairline, giving you the option to part your hair as you see fit. All of this has made synthetic wigs, especially those with lace fronts, extremely popular among consumers. Add to the fact that you can find these wigs in wavy and curly styles, it becomes easy to see why women love wearing these pieces, especially when they are the type to switch styles often. When you are looking for a quick new style to wear, then you will want to start looking at wavy and curly synthetic wigs that feature a lace front. They will change the way that you think about style.