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360 Lace Wigs

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32 Item(s)

For women that want full coverage on their head, there is no better choice that 360 lace wigs. 360 wigs stand out among their counterparts thanks to a few key differences. You will notice these differences when you put the piece on, but it is important to note these before you go about making a purchasing decision. A 360 lace piece is a full wig that covers your entire head, hair included. The lace cap is adjustable to fit any size head and also serves as a way to protect your natural hair. The lace allows your scalp to breathe, while eliminating the itching and scratching that other pieces can cause. In general, most 360 lace pieces have a full and thick appearance. Pre-plucked hairlines also give the piece a more realistic look while you are wearing it. These pieces are great for updo styles and ponytails alike. These wigs, just like other similar pieces, a prone to some slippage over time. The life of these pieces can be prolonged if you regularly engage in proper maintenance. Proper maintenance will also stave off scalp and other skin irritation as well. You will be able to style the 360 lace pieces in any matter of styles. Whether you prefer waves and curls, or would rather have a straight style, you will be able to achieve your desired look while wearing one of these wigs. Most of these pieces are available in different shades and colors. These colors and highlights are easy ways for you to make an instant impression when you are seen wearing it. There are also traditional black, brown and natural shades that are understated, yet easily able to pair with any fashion sense or skin tone. You can even find these pieces at a variety of price points, making them the perfect options for any budget. Adding a new piece to your collection does not have to be challenging anymore. Thanks to Divatress, there is a large selection of 360 lace wigs that you can choose from to create a new style for yourself. Once you put one on, you may not want to go back to any other style.