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Isis Collection Red Carpet Premiere Lace Front Wig – RCP251 Super Monique

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Premium Synthetic Hair Comfort Lace Front Wig Made with Futura Fiber amazing 400F curling iron safe, heat resistant fiber. Finish length: 31" Color Shown: F2/30/33

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  1. Not worth it…even on sale

    By Sarai June 26, 2014

    I love the way the hair looks in the picture. Unfortunately, the wig looks nothing like the picture.
    The hair is really dull right out of the package. The length is nice, but gets tangled really easily.
    After wearing the wig a full 12 hrs on a hot day, it looks like I've been wearing it for 2 weeks.
    The combs in the cap are spaced very strangely , almost in a straight line instead of one in the middle and two on the sides.

  2. Highly dissatisfied

    By Tamara December 23, 2013

    Hello Divas thank you for reading this review!

    Okay lets get into it so the wig looks nothing like it looks on the model it has none none of the luster and the curls are tighter much like jerry curls...
    The pros of this wig?
    1.) The length is wonderful!

    2.The density is perfect I love big hair!

    The Cons of this wig?
    1.)The Hair burned into ashes when I conducted a heat test And the wand was set to a low heat so low in fact I could practically hold the wand in my hand and not get burned so that heat resistant up to 400 f that the manufacturers claim the wig can stand up to is simply not true!!

    2.) The hair is very dry I had to constantly apply conditioner to it and oil free wig spray in order to maintain any sort of luster to the wig and even so the wig would still be dry 20 mins later :(

    3.) The lace is hard and not very comfortable.

    4.) The hair tangles very easily I was fighting with it the first day I put it on.

    Will I buy this wig again?
    No never again

    Do I recommend this wig?
    No not to anyone especially not to first lace wig buyers.

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