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Sensationnel Empress Custom Lace Front Wig – Loose Deep

25.95 $25.95


  • 1 - Jet Black
  • 1B - Off Black
  • 2 - Dark Brown
  • DXR4276
  • DXT99/BG
  • T1B/27
  • T1B/30
  • T1B/BG

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Make a change to your appearance with the Sensationnel Empress Custom Lace Front Wig - Loose Deep from none only than Divatress. These wigs are made with premium synthetic fiber and allow for that striking, yet natural, look that every girl is looking for. This product is curling iron safe up to 350-400 degrees so you can manipulate your new look in any way that you might desire. When you put this wig on, you should expect to have all eyes on you admiring your newfound look and confidence. You will love the lightweight impression of this wig, as well as its spectacular look and feel. Available in nine different colors, you are free to choose what you want and get the look that satisfies. It is the time to change your life for the better by purchasing the Loose Deep custom lace front wig by Sensationnel from Divatress today!

Color Shown: 1B, DXT99/BG

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  1. Value and Beauty

    By Sheisso April 30, 2018

    It's so Soft
    No Tangle very little shedding
    I Love it !!! ❤

  2. .

    By Whosentyou... April 06, 2018

    So nice I bought it twice! Honestly I love this unit, not much shedding at all. And each time I take them out to wear still in great condition. I’ve washed them several times and still gorgeous

  3. Absolutely Beautiful!

    By Victoria April 19, 2017

    I'm not crazy about the parting honestly, however, overall; this unit is absolutely gorgeous! Soft beautiful waves. This color is a 2. Pretty dark for a 2. But love this unit and the color.

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!

    By Victoria April 19, 2017

    I'm not crazy about the parting honestly, however, overall; this unit is absolutely gorgeous! Soft beautiful waves. This color is a 2. Pretty dark for a 2. But love this unit and the color.

  5. Very Pretty

    By Diva74 May 18, 2016

    This wig is pretty.and the price is great. Very cute look for date night or just to wear for work. I have received many compliments.

  6. Pretty

    By It girl March 17, 2015

    Not sure about this one here. I think the wig needs to be a little more fuller. I saw the video of this wig posted on this site and on YouTube. The girl added tracks to her unit and WOW it looked great!!!

  7. New Favorite

    By Tay Tay February 10, 2015

    This wig wears like a human hair wig the hair is so soft and the waves are absolutely beautiful. I would recommend definitely I llllloooovvveeee this wig it's beautiful.

  8. Fabulous

    By Simplicity50 December 23, 2014

    I love this wig the curls are awesome they stay in place even when I comb it out. The hair is so soft and the cap feels so lite and comfortable

  9. My thoughts

    By Magnolia pre December 05, 2014

    I love this unit..I purchase my first one 11/01/2014 it still looks great!! I have been compliments like never before..I ordered a new unit just for backup it arrived in 3 days...I am so happy looking forward to purchasing other sennsationnel units...

  10. In Love

    By Lori October 16, 2014

    After one month of wear, every day including twice to the beach, I am still loving this Sensationnel Empress Custom Lace Front Wig – Loose Deep.(color 2-dark brown)
    The curl pattern is gorgeous and the fit of the cap is very comfortable. Speaking from experience, brushing can damage the very ends so I’d recommend finger detangling in sections if you’d really want to make this beauty last.

    As you can see in the photos I trimmed the front of the hair (synthetic fibers) to make it fit my preference. I will most likely purchase another the same and I’m strongly considering to try the entire line.

  11. Pretty but disappointing

    By shiriluv September 08, 2014

    After looking at other favorable reviews on this wig I ordered it and was a little bit disappointed. This is my first synthetic lace front wig and It started shedding an getting tangled immediately. I didn't think it looked too fake but my daughter did. The curl pattern is really pretty though. I was going to order the straight wig but am a little skeptical now.

  12. Lovely waves:)

    By Kiya August 03, 2014

    I looooooove this wigs looks and feels extremely natural!! The parting is beautiful. This wig is definitely a keeper!!!:)

  13. Review

    By San June 18, 2014

    So this wig was my 1st wig from this company. I loved how it was packaged. This wig is fuller on top and thins out at the ends. I think it's beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous Out of the Box

    By Alena S June 03, 2014

    I was excited to try this new line of wigs - Sensationnel Custom. First one I ordered was Straight style. It looked absolutely stunning when I open the box. Gorgeous thick hair, feels like human, omg I went ahead and ordered another straight and this loose deep. Now that I wore both for about 5 times, I can speak about longevity. Loose Deep does not stay perfect for long. After two-three days, curls started to look matted. It´s the story with every synthetic curly wig, I guess. So what I did, I ironed it on low heat, and now it has wavy pattern, and it is back to silky smooth. So I´m happy that it irons well. Parting on this loose deep was a little bit too deep, almost like you have an indentation. So I had to flatten the hair around parting with flat iron. The wig is very full, definitely 130% thickness. Fit is average. My head is too small, so the cap is a bit too large on me, so it might even fit comfortably someone with larger head. It has combs, adjustable straps. Oh and it doesn´t have tabs, so the cap can be rotated to adjust the parting to right/left/middle. That was really cool feature. Color 2 feels like 1B to me.

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