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Sensationnel Empress Custom Lace Front Wig – Straight

25.95 $25.95


  • 1 - Jet Black
  • 1B - Off Black
  • 2 - Dark Brown
  • DXR4276
  • DXT99/BG
  • T1B/27
  • T1B/30
  • T1B/BG

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Whether you plan on going for a night out on the town or to a professional event, you will be sure to turn heads with the Sensationnel Empress Custom Lace Front Wig – Straight. Made with Premium Synthetic Fiber, this wig shows off a completely natural look that couldn’t be any closer to the real thing. Features included in this Custom Lace Wig contain premium stocking cap wig quality, and multiple parting options. This product is curling iron safe-up to 350-400F-so you can alter your new hair in a number of ways if you desire to do so. You can further personalize this lace front wig to your liking by choosing between the 10 different color options. It is time to take charge of your beauty and show the world what you can look like with the Straight lace front wig from Divatress.

Color Shown: 1B, DXR4276

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  1. Gorgeous!!!

    By Kiaragotjokes March 04, 2018

    The wig is so gorgeous! Straight out of the package the hair was super soft and realistic! I had Zero to No shedding and the hair overall look and felt human! One they I did was Plucked my part to make it more realistic and I added Concealer. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Broken tracks

    By Horrible October 25, 2017

    Hair doesn't curl and tracks falling out, not sure who is leaving these reviews but it's not real people. Can't return it because there is no guarantee that it will be accepted, you have to pay for shipping to return. Think the people doing the reviews get the good hair and send us the mess

  3. Best synthetic straight wig.... kind of

    By The Freak Show Life October 10, 2017

    I love this wig. Trust me I've tried plenty of wigs, and this is one of the best synthetic ones I've EVER tried. It does shed a bit for the first couple weeks you wear it, and does get a little raggedy after a month but nothing some fabric softener can't fix. Check out my YouTube video for my full review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp6xq-1udFU

  4. Amazing!!!

    By Johnnae Watson August 30, 2017

    I love this wig it's my 4 time buying it, it's comfortable and looks like the hair on the box

  5. My Go-To Straight Wig

    By Niece July 09, 2017

    The hair appears as expected. Its a good length, just what I was looking for. The wig also fits nice on my head for it to be so small. I also flat iron it from time to time to keep it managable.

  6. Santana

    By Loida May 13, 2017

    Súper nice unit!

  7. Excellent

    By D April 23, 2017

    I ordered this unit last month and couldn't be happier. I haven't experienced any tangling and minimal shedding. People ask me if it is my real hair. It lays flat and the length is perfect. It also has a realistic part. I definately would reccomend.

  8. Was Mistaken for Human Hair!

    By Kelly March 17, 2017

    I wore this wig to the beauty supply store, and the owner asked me if it was human hair. It is beautiful, and the layers give it just the right dimension. The cap is average to large. I usually run on the larger size, but this one is comfy, which does not pull as much. There are two combs at either side of the part, so it lays well, but it stays in place really well without. My only complaint is that the ends got frizzy after about 9 days. I may trim them off, but after 2 weeks, it still looks okay.

  9. Great Buy

    By Tasha Nicole December 07, 2016

    I love this wig and the multi part. The cap is so amazing, comfortable and you don't need a wig cap. I got the color T1B/27. See my entire review here http://tinyurl.com/zj54oej

  10. love this wig

    By SuchaLady October 31, 2016

    this is a great wig. it's my second time purchasing it. I love it so much I had to get another one. the hair is so natural and theres no ear tabs so u can place the wig how u like. I'm not a middle part person so that's a big plus for me. the parting space is a little tight so I definitely had to do a little tweezing but other than that just brush and go. it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. and I haven't experienced much shedding. great buy!!

  11. gorgeous hair

    By sd October 11, 2016

    This hair is very soft and pretty and looks like human hair and I love it

  12. The best ever

    By In Love August 26, 2016

    This wig is wonderful! The color is beautiful and the style is classic. I have this in the color 2 and i had to buy it again but in another color. Thank u divatress for an awesome selection!

  13. Straight and long

    By Jaenikol June 16, 2016

    I'm impressed with how soft this piece is! Also, the cap is a nice fit and airy--a necessity in southern summer heat. Plus it is very cute and easy to wear. Happy so far!!

  14. Amazed at what $26 looks like

    By Mala May 20, 2016

    When I say the moment I removed this wig from packaging I was in love, I WAS IN LOVE! I don't leave reviews but I felt this was necessary! Great wig for $26 like you can't beat it! Very happy with this purchase.

  15. Love this wig

    By Pecan May 08, 2016

    I love this wig, there is no shedding, I only had to sweeze a little bit, I purchase the color 1b/bg the hair is so realistic. Cap construction is so comfortable, the lace doesn't hurt and that is a big plus. I would purchase another wig in jet black

  16. I love it

    By Aida February 25, 2016

    I had this wig for 1 year, and I loved it.
    I LOVE IT. I can flat iron or curl the hairs. Soo realistic. Only 1 thing: toooo much shedding. Really too much

  17. Love immediately

    By Charisma February 19, 2016

    Just got this unit today and I absolutely just love it. The cap and lace are soft, hardly feels like I have on a wig!!! Definitely will get another! Thanks Divatress, I am a satisfied customer!!

  18. The Best!

    By AJ January 18, 2016

    I love this wig so much! She is the perfect thickness and has great movement! I adore how light this wig is overall which makes her easy to wear for long periods of time. She does shed when you comb her, but that is to be expected with wigs! The cap construction is excellent and wears nicely. I plan on buying several more.

  19. It's ok..not exactly what I imagined.

    By P January 09, 2016

    I had been checking the reviews on this unit and when it was on sale ($26.95) I decided to to order in color T1B/30.

    Was very excited to receive this wig however upon opening the box I soon realized that it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

    First I can start with the positives:
    I love the cap construction. It is very very comfortable! and the lace is not so hard like others I've noticed. The color I ordered is exactly what I received which is great.
    The part is deep which I love and just had to touch it up slightly with concealer for my complexion.

    The negatives are:
    One of the adjustable straps was broken (I sewed it back on pretty quickly).. but still.

    The hair itself is not very soft. Its rough and stiff.. Not much movement in the hair and it sort of reminds me of how my hair looked when my ends were fried with split ends. I HAVE NOT APPLIED HEAT TO THIS UNIT AT ALL! So it is kind of disappointing because everything else is good with it.. just the stiff and roughness of the hair doesn't feel too good on me.

    The color is nice and I can work with it for now.. but definitely wouldn't last too long with everyday usage (Atleast not for me!).

    I did order this color in SENSATIONNEL EMPRESS CUSTOM LACE FRONT WIG – LOOSE DEEP... and that one is very soft and will most likely be my everyday wig for now until I can find a nice straight one I can rock with.

  20. Love love it

    By Tracey August 11, 2015

    This wig is my first & it is amazing just love the way it feels, My friends thought it was my hair I will be buyin another one!!!!! Just in love with it it's just prefect Divatress you got this one right I think am gone do me some reviews on your wigs !!! Am feeling Myself!!!

  21. Love it

    By Jay June 15, 2015

    Love this unit. It is a very beautiful wig & comfortable. Love it so much I'm in the process of buying another one!

  22. amazing

    By miss T April 08, 2015


  23. Love This Unit

    By LuvJoyZZD March 22, 2015

    I have worn this unit for about a month consistently ever day (not on weekends) and I love this unit. Although she was way too long for me, I cut her to 14". I flat iron only after washing and air drying. Since I cannot seem to get her to curl which is okay for now, I am thrilled she doesn't shed. The part is awesome, I took some hairs out to make it more realistic and layered it in the front. The custom cap fits perfect. I love this unit only if I can get her to curl this unit would be perfect.

  24. Tooooo straight!!!!

    By It girl March 17, 2015

    If you like really straight hair you will love this wig. She's pretty, it feels really nice to the touch. It's just plain..... You will need to do some cutting and curling. Well I will be it's to much for me. I love how the girl in the video cut and styled hers. The wig is pretty I'm sure a lot of ppl will buy this. It could pass for a sew in

  25. Hmmm

    By Yellowdiamond March 14, 2015

    It's ok you will diff have to make it your own. I got this from watch a YouTube video. I just wished there combs where in different places. I'm not sure where they get this from. This wig is striaght must be curled, will for me it has to be

  26. Ok

    By Yellowdiamond March 09, 2015

    This unit is ok. You can see the tracks when you have a lighter color. I hate the comb placement. That's not just for this wig but all the sen custom lace fronts. I still will purchase these units. I wish they would stock up on the most popular colors..... Like T1b/30. This color is always out.

  27. Great unit

    By Natural February 27, 2015

    Love this wig ..number one reason why ..because it was breathable ..light ..felt comfortable ..and looked like I had a sew in ..great wig ..did shed alittle with typically when detangling the unit but nothing too serious ..would definetly recommend.

  28. Great Buy!

    By Angie C February 21, 2015

    I love this wig!!! I can not get enough of this. Sensationnel hit the nail on the head with this one.The color options are great,the quality of this wig is awesome. The texture is like yaki but a little bit softer.This wig does shed a bit,but very minimal.The parting is very natural and I would recommend this wig to anyone.This is a must have wig and Divatress had great customer service.Also check out my youtube review of this wig.


  29. Love it, but....

    By LindaJ February 16, 2015


    (1) This is a GORGEOUS wig. I saw a few videos on YouTube reviewing this wig before I purchased it, and per those reviews and the previous reviews here, the hair is beautiful, soft, long, and thick.

    (2) The cap size is average, so I was concerned it would be too big on me, since I should be wearing petite. It is actually very comfortable, and fits well.

    (3) The wig has combs and adjustable straps, and no ear tabs. So you can adjust the parting to whatever side looks better on you. Middle parts with such straight hair are definitely not for me (doesn’t look good or suit the shape of my face).


    (1) I bought this in 1B, which I soon learned is definitely not my color. It is too dark for my skin tone.

    (2) This thick, straight, and long hair does not look natural on me at all, so anyone seeing me in this unit, would know it’s a wig. I have a small face, so the wig ends up looking too overwhelming on me.

    I had to do quite a bit of manipulation to get this unit to look how I needed it to look, and even then, it's not exactly working out. Honestly, it's not the hair itself. It really is the color that's the issue.

    As someone else pointed out, I think adding layers would look a lot better (make it look more natural). I shortened this wig, added layers, and also did a roller set on this and it came out really beautiful. But at the end of the day, the color doesn’t work.


    By Buttafly February 12, 2015

    I love this wig. I would never thought I would love bone straight hair, but this was amazing. The only thing I dislike was the tangling,but other than that it's a great wig. WARNING : Brush your wig in section. I brush the and the lace ripped, but I went to my local bss. I couldn't wait for it to come in the mail

  31. Love At 1st Sight

    By @modelmyassoff on IG January 11, 2015

    After seeing a friend of mine with this wig and looking at reviews on divatress and YouTube, I realized that I had to have this wig. I order this wig in 1b/30 and another in 1b. I absolutely love my wigs! The hair is soft, full of body and looks very realistic. I will definitely be ordering a few more of this wig to have on standby.

  32. Feeling Quefabulous!!

    By Ms. Que December 14, 2014

    I love this unit, it makes me feel very diva like! I ordered this for my birthday and I know my Fiancé is going to love it on me. I will most definitely be ordering a few more in other colors. Thanks DivaTress for making me look and feel like a diva!

  33. Buy this wig!!!

    By kyky December 12, 2014

    I absolutely love this wig! I have gotten a lot of lace wigs and so far this one is definitely my favorite. It is very comfortable and it looks n feels so real. If you love wigs this is definitely one you need to add to your collection. I got mine in 1b/27 and the color was exactly what I ordered. I am for sure going to buy more of this wig in different colors.

  34. In love <3

    By Rae December 08, 2014

    I love love LOVE this unit. I just received it in a T1B/30 and she's beautiful you guys. Her color is on point! I haven't worn her out and about yet so I'm not sure about shedding. She does need some layers so I'll eventually cut some in. I really like this cap construction. I have a smaller head and the fit is better than your average lace front wigs. If this unit is on sale - BUY IT!

  35. I LOVE IT!!

    By Keisha December 04, 2014

    The order was fast and the lace wig is AWESOME!! will purchase again.

  36. Nice Unit

    By Brii November 24, 2014

    I purchased this unit along with another and for my first lace front I love it. It fits comfortably and the parting is nice. The only thing I did not like was that I noticed that one of the tracks in the unit has begun lifting even though I've only had it for 4 days! Other than that I highly recommend this unit especially for ladies who are new to wearing lace fronts this would be a great choice!

  37. Best Value for the Buck

    By ChikkiD November 15, 2014

    I've bought this style of wig (straight w/ body side/middle part) in a number of wigs including the much-raved about Friday Night wig and Freetress Equal Empress and nothing has kept its body, texture or style better than the Empress Custom Lace front. It's hand-tied so looks more natural on and fits very comfortably...I wear it all day and honestly, I am not very careful with it but it's held up amazingly well considering I bought it 3 months ago - yes, 3 months ago....It doesn't tangle or shed a lot and I always get compliments or just that "look" and I feel like I have that "swag" lol (you know the one we ladies get when we feel good about how we're looking that day) .

    For the money you'll spend, this is the absolutely best value...and if you don't like it...it's only $30 so no harm/no foul. But, IMHO you'll like it...I'm off to buy my next one in the brown to really shake things up...love, pray, laugh...Chikki-D

  38. Very Nice!!

    By Kirsten October 07, 2014

    This is my very first wig and i really love it. It's very comfortable and looks natural. I added layers to it to make it look even more natural and it turned out great. One of the small problems i had with it was shedding whenever i brush or comb it. Also it says it's curling iron safe which it is but it doesn't curl very well. I had to use a LOT of hairspray and hold my curling iron for like 3 minutes on each piece. But other than that i really recommend this.

  39. Beautiful

    By Luscious1 October 03, 2014

    This piece is so luxurious...my first thought was that it would just be okay because of the price but is is sooo much better than that. Will be making another purchase in the near future. ;)

  40. im in love

    By mountainsofbeauty September 24, 2014

    I really love this wig!

  41. Love!

    By BeBe September 23, 2014

    I love this wig!!!!! Its soft and has luster. The cap is extremely comfortable! This is my very first wig and I have nothing bad to say about it! Shipping was very quick. Thank you Divatress!!!

  42. Love this wig Beautiful

    By Diva wig July 27, 2014

    This is such a beautiful wig I just got mines Friday. This wig have heads turning I have 3 of sensationnel custum wigs already now I'm going to order the other 2 I'm so ecxited about my wigs thank you Divatress.

  43. Loooove it!!

    By Kiya July 14, 2014

    I looove these wig!!omg it's the perfect every day wig ...very low maintenance!.. It's soft beautiful color the color that I have is a T1B/30 this color is perfect for the summer!! And let's not get on the The Is the most comfortable I've ever worn it's stretchy breathable and I'm in love with just the cap!the rest of the wig too :)this def a wig that belongs in every wig lover's collection!!its a keeper thanks divatress:)

  44. Love the cap construction

    By Alena S June 03, 2014

    Cap construction on this wig is absolutely fabulous. It´s net all throughout, no tracks, like you would get on human hair full lace wigs. Also it doesn´t have ear tabs, so wig can be rotated so you put the parting to any side or the middle. I thought that was awesome!! I first got this wig in color 1B and it is super dark. It didn´t work for me. So I ordered another one is color 2, and in my opinion it looks like 1B. The longevity of this wig is not that great. After 3 days I already had to iron the ends and do some resuscitation LOL but I´m happy that at least it responds well to flat ironing. The style is poker straight, so if someone is skilled to add some layers, I think it would look better. Wig has combs, adjustable straps, all that good stuff. I personally like Model Model quality better, but this series of Sensationnel were decent. Cap size is average to large. It was too big on my small head.

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