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Ruby Kisses Ultra Matte Lipstick

  • RMLS01 Bare Nude
    RMLS01 Bare Nude
  • RMLS02 Nude Rose
    RMLS02 Nude Rose
  • RMLS03 Brown Sugar
    RMLS03 Brown Sugar
  • RMLS04 Baby Pink
    RMLS04 Baby Pink
  • RMLS05 Sugar Pink
    RMLS05 Sugar Pink
  • RMLS06 Red Mangrove
    RMLS06 Red Mangrove
  • RMLS07 Kiss Red
    RMLS07 Kiss Red
  • RMLS08 Vampire Red
    RMLS08 Vampire Red
  • RMLS09 Peach Loo
    RMLS09 Peach Loo
  • RMLS10 Capri Orange
    RMLS10 Capri Orange
  • RMLS11 Extreme Coral
    RMLS11 Extreme Coral
  • RMLS12 Plum Wine
    RMLS12 Plum Wine
  • RMLS13 Dark Plum Scene
    RMLS13 Dark Plum Scene
  • RMLS14 Blackism
    RMLS14 Blackism
  • RMLS15 Pink About It
    RMLS15 Pink About It
  • RMLS16 Hot Pink Gossip
    RMLS16 Hot Pink Gossip
  • RMLS17 Fuchsia Fierce
    RMLS17 Fuchsia Fierce
  • RMLS18 Purple Affair
    RMLS18 Purple Affair
  • RMLS19A Violet Voltage
    RMLS19A Violet Voltage
  • RMLS20A Navy Fleet
    RMLS20A Navy Fleet
  • RMLS21 Blue Lagoon
    RMLS21 Blue Lagoon
  • RMLS22A Turquoise Aesthetic
    RMLS22A Turquoise Aesthetic
  • RMLS23A Gray Matter
    RMLS23A Gray Matter
  • RMLS24 Graylite
    RMLS24 Graylite
  • RMLS25 Pink Flamenco
    RMLS25 Pink Flamenco
  • RMLS26 Rosy Pink
    RMLS26 Rosy Pink
  • RMLS27 Mauve It
    RMLS27 Mauve It
  • RMLS28 Spicy Brown
    RMLS28 Spicy Brown

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Product Type: N/A
Hair Fiber: N/A
Hair Pattern: N/A
Hair Texture: N/A
Hair Length: N/A
Lace Type: N/A
Lace Color: N/A
Part Type: N/A
Parting Space: N/A
Combs: N/A
Adjustable Straps: N/A
Elastic Band: N/A
Drawstring: N/A
Baby Hair: N/A
Heat Resistant: N/A
Dye/Bleach/Perm: N/A
Ruby Kisses Ultra Matte Lipstick * Must Have Lipstick! * Long Lasting Lip Color * Full Coverage Color without Leaving Lips Dry * Smooth Application * Available in 24 Different Colors

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  1. Super Pigmented- Must Buy!

    By Bre Inspired March 13, 2018

    I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented this lipstick was! I used the color "extreme coral" for Valentine's Day and it was so pretty and lasted all day. You are definitely getting the most bang for your buck with this product! See my Valentines Day look video for a better look at the color on me here: https://youtu.be/EiFzOaK4naM

  2. Great product

    By Mesh September 10, 2016

    I ordered three colors: Blackism, Brown Sugar and Mauve it. I wear Brown Sugar the most. It's kind of lika a nude on me. I wear Mauve it when I feel sassy and I haven't quite yet found a place for blackish.

  3. Great product!

    By Jacqueline June 05, 2015

    Great product! Amazing price! Just make sure you exfoliate your lips if they are dry because the matte finish will accentuate that :)

  4. GREAT!!

    By 93kaffy March 07, 2015

    A must have! Very affordable, I recently made a video showing you a few colors! enjoy.


  5. So cute!

    By Henny S February 26, 2015

    I tried Fuchsia Fierce and I absolutely love it. It's long-lasting and non-drying. I will definately be trying some different colors.

  6. MUST BUY!

    By 93kaffy February 15, 2015

    This is a must buy!!!
    Click here to see the swatches on dark skin : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7GN4LNQ1z4