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Isis Collection Brown Sugar Seamless Lace Front Wig – BS503 Tahiti

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If you have been wanting a new look but didn’t know where to start, there is the Isis Collection Brown Sugar Seamless Lace Front Wig – BS503 Tahiti. Bring a little island flavor to your style. If you have been waiting for a beautiful, long and curly look then you’re in luck. The curls fall gently past your shoulders and provide a look that isn’t easily replicated. In addition to the curls and the length, the Tahiti comes in a variety of different colors and shades. Choose from a traditional jet black or switch it up with a purple black. When you want a look that is second to none, the Isis Collection Brown Sugar Seamless Lace Front Wig – BS503 Tahiti is the perfect option.

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  1. Not happy

    By Lyly October 30, 2016

    The wig is 50$ i had to pay almost 30$ for shipping, and when ups came i had to pay 22$ , when i saw the hair i wasnt happy at all to puffy in the back is really long in the front no, shaddinh tangleling we can see that its synthetic , i usually buy human hair100% but its the last time i buy cheap hair!! Its not natural at alllll

  2. TLDR: Huge hair, heavy hair, amazing parting, brown lace, tight fit on me, no shedding

    By Katja June 30, 2016

    Be warned: this hair gets HUGE if you brush it out. And once you do brush out the waves, they will not return. It will turn into more of a loose curl kind of texture.

    This is my first ISiS wig, and it was pretty expensive, so I was scared to purchase. Now that I have it, I see why it is so expensive. The overall quality of this wig is fab.

    I cannot say enough about that amazing parting space. And the brown lace is a fantastic feature for dark-skinned buyers. That color lace makes it easier to make the wig look realistic. I hate wigs that have that black lace, or the pale-skin looking part.

    The wig is very long, and very thick. I am 5ft5in, and the hair comes down past my boobies (to the middle of my stomach). The hair is okay quality. I would compare it to asian hair that has been processed to keep the curly/wavy texture. It is also heavy (probably because the wig is very thick). It's not a good wig for summer-time wear. I thinned the hair significantly because I really don't like the unnatural look of thick, perfect looking wigs. And to my amazement, there was NO shedding... None. Even after all that thinning I did, no shedding. Amazing job on this one ISiS [insert slow-clap here]. My only true complaint is that the wig is a tight fit on me. I have a big head though, so I'm not too sore about that. I'm just disappointed.
    ALSO, I ordered the color #2 (dark brown), but it really just looks like a #1b in average lighting. So, that is also disappointing.

    I wanted a wig I can wear daily and put on quickly, but unfortunately, this wig is not it. This one needs to at least be brushed and tamed with gel or something (unless you want a big, poofy style). But I love the cap construction (mainly that huge parting space) so I will continue browsing the ISiS wigs.

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