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Lace Part Wigs

No one will ever know that this isn’t you natural hair with our selection of great invisible Lace Part Wigs. Shop through Divatress exclusive looks online today!

Showing 1 to 100 of 123 Items

Showing 1 to 100 of 123 Items

An L-part wig is a wig that has an “L-shaped” opening at the top of the wig that forms your part. The L-part of the wig allows you to pull through your natural hair to cover the wigs tracks. One of the more versatile wigs, an L-part wig can be put in and taken out with ease. With Divatress you will be able to find one of the best selections of L-part wigs available. We have a great variety of colors for you look through so you are sure to find a perfect match for your natural color. + show full description