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Model Model Deep Invisible L-Part Wig – Jinni

14.95 $14.95


  • 1 - Jet Black
  • 1B - Off Black
  • 2 - Dark Brown
  • 4 - Med Brown
  • OH279
  • OH701 - 27/30/613
  • OM239
  • OM27P
  • OM430P
  • OM701 - 27/30/613
  • OM99J

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Have the style you have always dreamed of with the Model Model Deep Invisible L-Part Wig – Jinni You will love the texture of the Jinni from Model Model. Its got a Yaki feel but is also soft and silky. Its the best of both worlds. It keeps its texture well over time and you won't find yourself having to hot iron it to keep that soft and sexy feel. Its nice and long and can be styled in many ways. For example, its a great length to make a fabulous up-do! It comes with two combs in the front and one in the back and adjustable straps. You will get a very good fit. It has an invisible L-part designed to let you put the part where you want. Feel free to use your favorite styling appliance, because it is heat safe. Have sleek straight hair one day and bouncy tight curls the next. It can be styled and restyled over and over again. It comes in 14 wonderful color blends. Take your pick! Treat yourself to some great accessories and make-up from the Beauty section today. You deserve it to look your very best! Color Shown: 1B

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  1. Great buy

    By Ari March 24, 2018

    I was nervous about buying a wig online but Jinni did not let me down. It didn’t require much but i fixed the part to my personal liking. I highly recommend this buy!!! I got the OM FIRE RED. Perfect blend.

  2. Love It

    By Brooke February 14, 2018

    This is my first review, and out of all of the wigs I've purchased from here, I absolutely love this one! I feel gorgeous wearing Jinni and all of my loved ones love it on me as well. This wig is perfect. I personally didn't need to fix the part, as it looks fine and not so wiggy in me. But that is an option if you do want the more natural look. This wig is a MUST buy.

  3. In Loveeeee

    By Loveyou500 January 03, 2018

    This wig is really pretty once you take it out the packaging i got the OM701 and it is absolutely amazing I’m so ready to wear it.

  4. Love This Wig

    By Nefertari January 13, 2017


    Hello guys I'm coming to y'all with another wig review this wig is what I call a old faithful wig my go to my good Judy lol. This wig doesn't shed bad at all even after plucking the part this wig has been around forever it seems like anyways jinni is available in the colors 1 1B 4 2 OH279 OH701 OM239 OM27P OM430P OM701 OM99J OM FIRE RED OT BLBK(BlueBlack) OT DKPU ( Dark Purple). This wig isn't hard to manipulate at all great wig for people who have just got into wigs it's under 30 dollars it's an L Part wig can be worn in the middle my jinni is color OH701 and it's a yaki texture. In the picture Jinni is lightly flattered ironed

  5. One of the best wigs I ever owned

    By Lanika December 26, 2016

    One of the best wigs I ever owned. I originally bought this wig from my local beauty supply store she was the last one on display in the color 27/30/613 so I snatched her right off the mannequin and payed under 30 dollars for the wig.! I wore this wig in the summer so the blonde and brown colors in the wig really completed my skin. Jinni only sheds after cutting the lace around the peremiter and some shedding is expected after plucking the part to make it look more realistic but other than that minimal to no shedding for this wig. I'm short only 5'1 so this wig isn't overly long it's a perfect length it stopped right on the top of my boobs. When I first got this wig the part did need some help but it isn't terrible so I finger plucked the part and added concealer and powder to the part. If your a 1st time wig wearer you can wear jinni right out the pack if you would like if you don't want to go through the hassle of plucking the part etc. Jinni can be curled and flat ironed etc the curls did start to fall after about 2 weeks but I honestly didn't mind and i flat ironed jinni and it was even cute then.! Jinni lasted for a long time about 2months I stopped wearing her because I just got bored with the color. I don't have a video of me and jinni but I do have a picture of wearing jinni the color 27/30/613 and I just ordered jinni from this site recently but in the color #2 ( dark brown) so expect another good review from me

  6. Love

    By Tricia October 30, 2016

    I absolutely love this unit! I purchased this unit in a #2 and 430P. I love the natural texture. The curls only lasted 2 weeks but I will be buying this unit again.

  7. The hair is beautiful. A bit on the poofy side the cap was very large

    By Jenny January 26, 2016

    The hair is beautiful. A bit on the poofy side the cap was very large

  8. Nice wig!

    By i_am_jae January 16, 2016

    This unit is very dense. A little too much hair for me. I still like it. Overall good purchase.

  9. GREAT!

    By Shari November 03, 2015

    This wig is UH-MAZING!!! I wore it for two weeks straight, no issues. It looks exactly like the picture and I love it. I would recommend this to everyone! It's cute and quick. Very minimal shedding.

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