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Sensationnel Totally Instant Weave Wig – Hz A015

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The short and sassy Sensationnel Empress Natural Lace Front Edge Wig – Tatiana from Divatress.com is you best bet for making a statement this season. This quality synthetic wig is very versatile and can be styled in a number of ways. The Sensationnel Empress Natural Lace Front Edge Wig – Tatiana comes in many neutral colors so finding the one that complements your skin is easy. Plus, it is easily blended with you natural hair. The Sensationnel Empress Natural Lace Front Edge Wig – Tatiana is easy to manage and maintain. Purchase this phenomenal short style from Divatress.com today and start turning heads at all of your events! Be sure to pick up all your hair care essentials and styling products as well!

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  1. Very cute but.....

    By Wanee August 23, 2015

    This wig is very cute and stylish but it has one annoying flaw. There's a hump that sits right at the top of the wig. It's very noticeable and takes away from the overall appearance of the wig. I've tried brushing it down but apparently it's built into the design of the wig. If not for this awful hump this would've been a perfect addition to my collection. Unfortunately it will now spend most of its days tucked away. You can't beat the price though!

  2. Love it!

    By khofye May 13, 2015

    Beautiful straight out of the package. I get so many compliments on this unit. Purchasing my second, possibly 3rd one today.

  3. "Sensational"

    By Sookey December 21, 2013

    This wig is adorable!! I got it in a 1B/33. It frames my face nicely. I did a few tweaks on my own to make it even more "Sensational"!! This would be pretty in a wine/raisin color. Love it!

  4. This was a cute wig until I put it on. It has a hump in the from that is very noticeable takes away from the overall look. If not for this 3 1/2 to 4 inch hump would really work. I will not wear this wig. really wish I could.

    By Ri October 10, 2013

    Cute, but one flaw.

  5. HzA015 is Beautiful

    By Angie B October 01, 2013

    when I first purchase this wig in a 1B, I didn't no what I was getting myself into.When I put it on I really Love this wig very very pretty

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