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Zury Sis Naturali Star Human Hair Wig – 3C Vera

79.95 $79.95


  • 99J (NATURALI)
  • Black
  • Natural
  • SOM3033

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100% Human Hair

* Naturali Star Collection

* Premium Quality

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  1. Hard to maintain

    By Ladyevol April 20, 2017

    This is a lovely wig! I've received tons of compliments. I found the wig to be very natural looking, light, and very secure on my head.. I was thinking it did not come with clips attached due to the previous review. However, I received the wig with a clip in the back and two sewed on the front. My one gripe about this unit is the large amount of shedding experienced after each wash as well as the matting of the hair which occurs very easily.. with good care this wig could last maybe two months with heavy use..this is not a wig I would recommend for everyday use unless you will be doing limited styling requiring little product to be used on the hair..

  2. Update!!

    By Joi February 01, 2017

    I'm the original reviewer of this wig, and I promised to provide an update. The hair is not a blend, it is indeed human!! I washed it and let it soak in warm water and all of this dye came out of it. So it was definitely the dye that was causing an allergic reaction. I would recommend that you do the same if you get a color.

    Enough about that...THE HAIR IS AMAZING!!!! like AMAZING! it looks super natural, it feels really good, and I'm going to buy 2 more. Everyone thinks it's my hair, it moves when the wind blows that's how good it is.

    It doesn't have any clips or combs though, so if you happen to workout in your wigs, put some Bobby pins or sew your own clips in to it. It does shed, but only when you comb it. Mine could shed because I cut it to a length that is appropriate for me and put some side bangs. I don't put any moose on it, as I don't think it's needed.

    I simply do a light mist with water in the morning and comb with my hand, fluff at the crown and go.

    I recommend 100%

  3. Cute but I don't think it's 100% human

    By Joi January 27, 2017

    So I got this wig and the color already threw me off (SOM RT 30/33) it's much more of a bright auburn than dark, but that's okay...I can't usually make any reds work. Straight out of the packaging, it feels really soft. I ALMOST believed it was human hair and didn't have any type of synthetic fibers in it...until I put it on and started styling it. I'm allergic to anything synthetic- I normally wear virigin bundles, but the past few human hair wigs I've ordered, haven't given me a bad reaction. This wig however, instantly has my ears and scalp burning! I don't know if it's something they put on the wigs after making them or if it's the dye, or if it has synthetic fibers...but whatever it is...it my body is definitely not reacting to it well.

    Such a shame too, because I shaped it perfectly, and it really looked nice to me. Looks like my natural hair after a wash and go.

    I'm going to wash it and see if that helps; but if it doesn't, I will know that it is not 100% human hair. Smh I really wish manufacturers would say "human hair blend, or LIKE human hair" stop misleading people. Some of us have allergies!

    If I could wear synthetic wigs, I would, better to be out of $17.99 than out of $77.

    I'll submit a follow up review if the washing helps with the reaction. Otherwise, don't buy it if you have allergies, do buy it if you don't. It really is a cute wig once you style it to your liking.

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