All About Crochet Braids

Crochet braiding is a technique of installing real or synthetic hair to create a new hairstyle. Cornrow braids are put in your natural hair, then you use them as a base to tie in new hair. It most often is done using a crochet needle, hence the name. The hair is looped, then passed under the cornrows, then the ends of the hair are passed through the loop and tied. The end result can be long or short, curly or straight, or even braided.

They are convenient and great looking. You can do with braids what you may not be able to do with your own hair. It can give you length and strength. Here are a few reasons they may be just what you need for an extraordinary new style.

Types of Crochet Braids

Most crochet braids come as bundles of hair that have not been braided. You can get Pre-twisted premade braids that use the convenient crochet method, which is easier than some other installation methods. Some come pre-looped, either with a preformed loop of hair or elastic bands.

Loop Braids

Loop braids are one of the most fantastic developments in hair styling. They come with premade loops, either of hair or elastic. This can greatly speed up the installation of your new style. The premade loops are easy to position and hold in place while you make your knots. The end result can be a neat and secure braid. They come in a great variety of curls and braid patterns.

One of the most popular types of loop braids are Goddess Loc. They are good quality and last for at least 3 months. After 4-6 weeks, you will probably want to do some maintenance, as your own hair grows out. The Goddess Loc loop system makes them easy to remove and reinstall.

Pre-Twisted Braids

Pre-twisted crochet braids are an affordable alternative to crochet twists. These braids can be attached to corn rows using a latch hook tool to place them beneath the corn row. Pre-twisted crochet braids can be worn for about 30 to 60 days if cared for properly. There are many ways to style your pre-twisted crochet braids to keep your look trendy.

Faux Locs and Goddess Locs

Faux locs and goddess locs are very similar, they are both dreadlock extensions. The main difference being that faux locs are sealed at the ends. This is usually done by burning the ends. On the other hand, the goddess locs are not sealed and they have open and often wavy ends. They also usually use different kinds of hair.

Goddess Faux Locs are created with real human hair. They are lighter and look more like authentic natural locs. Traditional Faux Locs are created with synthetic hair, are heavier and have a shiny, silkier look.

Box Braids

Box braids are individual bundles of hair that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxes. Box braids may be of any size or length. Most people add additional hair, either real or synthetic, to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness.

Crochet Hair

Crochet braiding hair is also available as 100 percent real human hair. The best quality human hair is that which hasn’t been processed. This is often called “Remy” hair. (or Remi) It hasn’t been dyed. It will come to you in the color that it was grown. Remy hair usually comes in a dark color. You can cut, style, and even dye it.

Crochet Braid Materials

There are a wide variety of lengths, textures, degrees of curl and colors available for crochet braids, here at Divatress. Synthetic hair is long lasting, strong and comes in many color choices. Some synthetic hair you can dye. If you want to dye it, be sure to start out with a lighter color than the color you are going to dye it, because you can’t lighten synthetic hair, but you can darken it. Try starting with a blond or grey color. Then you can use cream hair dyes, fabric dye or other products to color the whole hair length, or just the lower part, to create a trendy Ombre/Sombre blend.

Crochet Braids Tools and Techniques

To create crochet braids, you need very little besides the hair itself. To install the hair, you only need a crochet hook, a bobby pin or a told called a hair beader.

10 Tips for Great Crochet Braids

  1. Learn from a friend. Look on youtube and you will find lots of tutorials for crochet braids. There you can learn how to cornrow your hair, make knots and do knotless braids. Learn from talented stylists online and you will be crochet braiding like a pro in no time.
  2. The first time you install crochet braids, you may want to have a professional or a skilled friend do the installation. Watching someone do braids on your own head will be very valuable instruction. For most people, just seeing someone do it in person is much more valuable than reading an internet article or watching a video.
  3. For self-installation, use two or more mirrors, so you can properly see the back and sides.
  4. If your hair is weak or thin, you could add some of your braiding hair into the cornrows themselves. This will make a stronger base to install your new braids onto.
  5. If you start in the back and work forward, the installed hair won’t block your vision as much. However, starting in the front ensures that you will have enough material for the most important part, framing out your face.
  6. The finer and the smoother the hair, the more you should use. Thicker textured hair will require less hair. You may want to space it further apart on your cornrows so that your style does not become overly thick and dense.
  7. If you style your new braids with rollers, be sure that they are not too absorbent. If they hold too much moisture, then your curls won’t set as well. If you have trouble with a particular hair try a less absorbent roller, such as a plastic roller or perm rod.
  8. When you sleep, cover your head with a satin bonnet, hair net or other material. This will preserve your braids while you sleep and make them last much longer.
  9. Consider your braid pattern. The pattern you braid your cornrow hair in will determine how it falls on your head. For example, you may need to angle the rows on the side of your head, to make your hair side part where you want it to go.
  10. Use small sections of hair for a more natural look. Be patient. Separate the fibers of the hair into bundles with a diameter of ¼” of hair. This will keep it looking like real growing hair.

Crochet Braid Care

To wash the braids, use a shampoo that is appropriate to the hair material. For example, most people use low sudsing shampoo. A diluted mixture can be prepared in a spray bottle and sprayed close the the scalp, then gently rinsed. Don’t rub dry with a towel, but gentle squeeze out the water and pat dry.

To take the braids out, just cut the crochet braids as close to your cornrows as possible. When you unravel your cornrows, the little knots left on your hair from the braid will just fall right out and you can discard the small pieces.

Mix and Match Crochet Braids

You can buy multiple packs of braiding hair in different colors and lengths. You can add highlights by just adding in a new color.

Check out our huge selection of crochet braiding hair and tools here at Divatress. We have everything you need to create a look that is uniquely you.

Protective Style

Many people do crochet braids to create a protective style. Your real hair is braided close to your scalp and is protected from damage by the newly added hair. This can let your own hair have a chance to grow long and strong.

Time saving

Installing crochet braids are not quite as quick as installing a weave that uses a weft, but it is much faster than twist or box braids. You could expect to spend 2-3 hours for installation, depending upon the type and amount of hair you are adding and its texture, and of course, the skill and dexterity of the artist installing it.

Long Lasting Style

This may seem like a process that takes a lot of patience. That is because it does. But the results are amazing. You will end up with full, beautiful hair of any length and it will last. You can expect crochet braids to last for several weeks. Quality hair will last that long without too much fraying and shedding. Usually what will make you want to do a new installation in simply that your cornrows have grown out enough that the knots of your braids are no longer tight against your scalp. You will find that as you become really fast at creating your knots and each time they will look smoother and more perfect. When you see the stunning results, you will agree, it is totally worth the effort.