The Diva’s Guide to Wig Buying

So many wonderful wigs at Divatress - so little time to try them all! They have a huge selection of the best quality and all of the latest wigs styles available online. How can you narrow down your choices to the ones that will be just right for you? Here are a few helpful tips to help bring out your inner Diva.

Cut, Color and Style

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To find the perfect wig, you need to know your choices. Explore our site and look for a style that really speaks to your personal sense of beauty. Start building a short-list of your favorites, using the “Wish List” feature on the display pages. (If you’re looking for a black wig or a jazzy ombre color, you can easily find styles by color with our color sorter.) Once you find your favorites, You can also share them your favorites with your friends, by email, to see what they think. But ultimately, the choices are up to you. We have all the best wigs that will help you create a look that is as unique as you.

Hair and Fiber

Wigs are either made from human or synthetic hair. (Wigs are made with different hair fibers, such as Remy human hair, human hair, human hair blend as well as synthetic. All types can be beautiful and have their pros and cons. Both can be beautiful and both have their pros and cons. Choose the type that best meets your needs and sense of style.

Synthetic Fibers

  • Many come with a built-in style that makes getting ready quick and easy. Great for ‘get up and go’ if you don’t have the time or want to maintain regularly.
  • Quality fibers can look and feel as soft and as beautiful as natural hair.
  • They have a wider variety of colors to choose from.
  • They are generally less expensive than human hair.
  • You must check heat safety before using heated styling appliances, like curling irons or flat irons.
  • They don’t last quite as long as human hair.

Human Hair Types

Human hair wigs have a natural look and a wide range of styling opportunities. Human hair wigs don’t usually have the built-in style of a synthetic and may require a bit more maintenance, but they will give you a wide range of possibilities to create your own masterpiece of a style. You can cut, color, curl, flatten or style it just like you would real hair, because it is real hair! They also last longer than synthetics. Here are the three types of real hair wigs you will find.

Human Hair
  • Human hair wigs use hair strands that are chosen by craftsman to all look and feel right together. The results can be better than most of us could ever dream of growing ourselves.
  • The hair could be treated or untreated, dyed or natural colored.
  • It is usually less expensive than Remy hair.
Remy Human Hair
  • This is the best of the best. It is the highest quality human hair you can buy.
  • It will generally last longer than all the other types of hair.
  • It is very uniform in color and sleek.
  • It has a very limited choice of colors.
Human Hair Blend
  • It is a hybrid between human hair and synthetic.
  • It can look more realistic than full synthetic.
  • It can last longer than full synthetic without the maintenance of 100% human hair.
  • It is usually less expensive than 100% human hair.
  • It can’t be dyed since they contain synthetic fibers.


First time wig buyers are often concerned about getting a good fit. It is not as hard as you would think. 90-95% of all women fall in the “average” cap size. It is a good idea to measure though. Use a flexible cloth measuring tape or measure a piece of string to determine the circumference of your head, starting at your forehead, around to the base of your skull. Then measure front to back. Start at your forehead and measure over the top, back to the base of your skull. Compare these measurements with size charts.

Craftsmanship on our wigs is truly something to be admired. Some special features that you will want to keep an eye out for include whole lace and lace front caps. These give you a natural looking hairline and part. Some even have tiny baby-hairs around the edges. No one will even know it is a wig!

Variety and Versatility

Something wonderful about wigs is that you can change up your look almost instantly. You can look like you belong in business or on the dance floor. Choose your look and be sassy or classy. Have fun and buy more than one!